Cross media the Adriatic way

I just spent the best part of eleven days in Croatia, four of which were dedicated to the Korcula Cross Media Lab, an initiative created to connect audiovisual people and people in the tourism industry with each other and with experts on everything from transmedia storytelling to SEO to TV production to augmented reality. It’s…Read more Cross media the Adriatic way

It’s the new style – producing in a multiplatform and interactive world

This spring is proving to be an interesting one, if you’re a storyteller focusing on multiplatform storytelling, online storytelling, interactive storytelling or just about any kind of storytelling that expands on more traditional forms of the same. I’ve already talked quite enough about ”Defiance”, for instance here, but it will be extremely interesting to see…Read more It’s the new style – producing in a multiplatform and interactive world

One Year in the world of Transmedia and Multiplatform Storytelling

Following up on my curation of my blog from last year - "One Year In Transmedia" - I today published "One Year In Now Media". It's a curation of this blog, with a number of articles divided into subsections according to topic. It's available for free on Slideshare on a Creative Commons license. I'm very…Read more One Year in the world of Transmedia and Multiplatform Storytelling

Future Media 2.0 – some thoughts

First Motion, a pan-Baltic area EU project, organised a conference this week in Riga, Latvia, and were kind enough to invite me to attend and take part in a panel discussion on funding and transmedia. From two pretty packed days, here are some thoughts I had: Transmedia, cross media, multiplatform – no matter what you…Read more Future Media 2.0 – some thoughts

Cross-platform Pitch Up! ahead

TL;DR - Pitch event in London 5.12. Early stage cross platform ideas submitted by 15.11. Events that actually look for great multiplatform / transmedia content aren’t THAT prevalent at the moment. There is the Pixel Market, Tribeca have been on the lookout for some, there’s Sundance to some extent, the Content 360 competition at MIPTV……Read more Cross-platform Pitch Up! ahead

Content 360 – a transmedia opportunity

I’ve been attending the MIPs (MIPTV in the spring, MIPCOM in the autumn) for six years running now; marketing our formats, building networks and relationships and keeping up with the trends in – predominantly – the television industry.The MIPs have always tried to keep up with the times – granted, mostly with more than just…Read more Content 360 – a transmedia opportunity

When developing cross media content…

....remember that the story that is being told is the single most important ingredient in the whole of the project. It MUST be compelling, nice, engaging, entertaining... and suitable for 360 exploitation. Now "exploitation" is not a nice word in itself, but exploitation is exactly what a cross media concept needs to be just that…Read more When developing cross media content…