Workshopping cross media format

Me and a colleague are holding a workshop on cross media format development in Sweden at the moment.

As a quick reflection from watching the student digging into the depths of how to create a functioning cross media whole, some things do come to mind.

– to create a cross media concept is pretty easy. the hard part is to create a GOOD and COMPELLING cross media concept. Why should anyone bother? If they bother, what’s in it for them? If there’s something in it for them, are the instructions clear and easy to understand? If everything else is good and jolly, is the story engaging enough?

– it’s really easy to get stuck in details, and the wrong details for the most part. These details WILL CHANGE. As long as the premise is sound, the details will come.

– never mind technology. the story is way more important.

– try to find out if anyone else has done something like what you are trying to do. Make yours better, or if that’s impossible, do something else.

lots to think about… but that’s the path of the format developer 🙂

2 thoughts on “Workshopping cross media format

  1. I’m sorry peter, this workshop was for a select group of students at the Umeå University in Sweden, and the first part was already over. No, it was not online this time, but it’s an idea I’ll bring to the heads of the course… next time hopefully!

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