The day marketing grew up

It’s in the air. Can you feel it? That whiff of… well, crumbling pillars, decay and the blossoming of something new. I might be imagining things, but I’d like to think I’m not. Since we kicked off our own company in the spring of 2016 we’ve been involved in our fair share of marketing efforts.…Read more The day marketing grew up


Five focus areas for successful multiplatform storytelling

SUSTAINABILITY We won’t be creating a documentary, or a series, or a film when we're working multiplatform – we’ll be creating an experience that will stretch further than most traditional narratives can hope for. This, in turn, means more complexity to the project and a lot more work. The upside is that we can arrive…Read more Five focus areas for successful multiplatform storytelling

Only as strong as your weakest link

  When developing stories and projects and creating and producing content today, the temptations are endless. Today we no longer need to ’only’ write a book or ’only’ create a movie script, the possibilities are manifold and the possible rewards huge. On this blog I’ve been promoting the principles and methods of – well, call…Read more Only as strong as your weakest link


Be the salient story

So, I hold a position as a developer and strategist at a university. This means I’m in touch with a lot of research and academic studies, articles and papers, and also that I conduct research and publish stuff myself from time to time. Now, in one of the projects I’m working on at the moment…Read more Be the salient story


Marketing and the Unending Complexity

Over the past few years I’ve helped produce a fair share of marketing. It’s not something I’m ashamed of, far from it. In a sense they’ve been opportunities to utilize storytelling and, yes, transmedia storytelling methods for the most logical of reasons; trying to entice an audience to commit to a buy. In many cases…Read more Marketing and the Unending Complexity


The art of finding an audience

Almost to the day a year ago I wrote a post on audience engagement, talking about five points I believe are essential when it comes to reaching the point of meaningful interaction with an engaged audience, and the harnessing of that power in the long run. I still stand by my points from that post,…Read more The art of finding an audience


Transmedia – different fields, different uses

When I pitch projects to possible buyers, possible customers or possible collaborators, I frequently refrain from using the term ”transmedia”. I’ve found that it often interferes with discussions, moving it into a debate around definitions or general practices, rather than letting the talking focus on the project at hand. That, or it is (still) met…Read more Transmedia – different fields, different uses