Crafting the story of you

In a blog post yesterday I talked about the topic of corporate storytelling and how I see it as a natural way of engaging with the audience and the customer base for any company or organisation. Now, some discussions I’ve been having over the past couple of days have touched upon what I view as…Read more Crafting the story of you

The Creative Squeeze

Creativeness might be a less important search term on LinkedIn nowadays. It has, as so many terms before it, been used up to such an extent that it hardly means anything anymore to your average person. This is a bit of a shame, as creativeness is becoming an increasingly important trait in just about every…Read more The Creative Squeeze

Rebooting our creative minds – are we worthy of an audience?

  Over the past few weeks I’ve been writing about some principles I feel are crucial for anyone creating stories and content today, while hoping to reach and engage people with said stories and content. There are many ways for us to look at what we’re doing. There are many tips and tricks to keep…Read more Rebooting our creative minds – are we worthy of an audience?

Content 360 – a transmedia opportunity

I’ve been attending the MIPs (MIPTV in the spring, MIPCOM in the autumn) for six years running now; marketing our formats, building networks and relationships and keeping up with the trends in – predominantly – the television industry.The MIPs have always tried to keep up with the times – granted, mostly with more than just…Read more Content 360 – a transmedia opportunity