The Collective Journey – COVID-19 edition

Earlier this week I released a new episode of the Evolving Media podcast. It's been a while, but the topics we discussed felt absolutely crucial to start talking about now. The blurb for the podcast episode is below, and you can find the episode itself here. Join in the conversation, let's strive to make this…Read more The Collective Journey – COVID-19 edition

The many-faced nature of today’s media

Having reached the point of a full dozen of episodes of my podcast, the Evolving Media podcast, I’m becoming more and more convinced that the storytellers of the future need a very special skillset. Since I launched the podcast back in late November last year, I’ve talked to some brilliant and highly-skilled and creative people…Read more The many-faced nature of today’s media

It’s going down – the struggle to adapt to a Brave New World

I’ve been involved in the media industry for close to 30 years already (yup, that number is a bit scary, I admit). Granted, I started out at a very young age. Still, I’ve been creating and producing stuff for most platforms you could think of, from publishing to radio, from TV to online, from mobile…Read more It’s going down – the struggle to adapt to a Brave New World

Snake oil and divine opportunities – how media is evolving

As readers of this blog might’ve noticed, I’m somewhat focused on where we’re heading, especially with regards to the world of media. As almost everything is becoming media-ized, and as media itself is making its way into more and more facets of our daily lives, I believe we’re heading into partly promising but at the…Read more Snake oil and divine opportunities – how media is evolving

Location based and engaging – telling stories through your everyday world

I will hazard a guess that very few readers of this blog missed that Pokemon Go was a bit of a success last year. It was great fun. For a while, for me, but for far longer for other people. And if Pokemon Go showed one thing, it was that Augmented Reality could work extremely…Read more Location based and engaging – telling stories through your everyday world

Transmedia in 2015

I’ve been eagerly studying, creating, curating and producing in the transmedia vein for the past few years, ever since the cross-media me saw the light of transmedia storytelling in a conference room in Cardiff in the summer of 2010. I’ve taken part of all the different discussions on what transmedia really is and what it’s…Read more Transmedia in 2015

Bringing convergence to the people

I’ve pitched enough ideas and projects and tenders to enough possible buyers and collaborators and clients to know that one of the most important things to do is to NOT confuse them. As one of the hardest working sellers I know use to say – selling IP to someone as reluctant as your average media…Read more Bringing convergence to the people

The art of limiting

File this brief post under ”basic things that are really good to keep in mind at all times”. When it comes to cross media creation and transmedia storytelling development, the sky is the limit. You could make a good case for almost any media platform to be included. You could develop strategies for all existing…Read more The art of limiting

Be the calm in the noise

When I’ve done talks and workshops for different groups of students in different countries lately, there’s one thing in particular that has struck me. I’ve shown quite a few innovative and successful examples of projects that are in the transmedia vein and are focusing on audience engagement. However, these case studies are always followed by…Read more Be the calm in the noise