MIPTV, MIPFormats and MIP Digital – a reflection

Things seemed a bit quieter this time around. Where there’s usually a throng of busy TV industry people, elbows being of better use than feet for propelling oneself forward, this time there was ample space almost everywhere. On the other hand the new incentives from the MIP-organizers – the MIP Cube and the MIP Digital…Read more MIPTV, MIPFormats and MIP Digital – a reflection


The Art of Getting It

This is a brief post I wrote for the Media Writers Association, a new start-up I'm involved in which is focusing on connecting events with writers for increased awareness and traction. If I had a euro for everytime I’ve heard someone lambast a buyer, a producer, a commissioner or a head of programming for ”not…Read more The Art of Getting It

One Year in the world of Transmedia and Multiplatform Storytelling

Following up on my curation of my blog from last year - "One Year In Transmedia" - I today published "One Year In Now Media". It's a curation of this blog, with a number of articles divided into subsections according to topic. It's available for free on Slideshare on a Creative Commons license. I'm very…Read more One Year in the world of Transmedia and Multiplatform Storytelling


TransMIP 2011 – a first look

Tomorrow sees the kick-off for a week of MIPness in Cannes, France. Leading out are two quite different events: MIPDocs is focused on documentaries, and is an established part of the MIPTV setup, where producers and buyers sell and buy a multitude of documentaries over the course of two days. I am not registered for…Read more TransMIP 2011 – a first look


A guest post and a couple of questions

I wrote a guest post for ReedMIDEMs MIP blog; it's geared towards the typical MIP-goer; i.e. a TV executive with a fair amount of years in the biz, just hearing about the term "transmedia" for the first time and wondering whether this will be a hype that'll fade away in a couple of years time,…Read more A guest post and a couple of questions


The mixing of Real and Not Real in Transmedia

(the musings continue, now with something I'm struggling with right now)One particular challenge that I face while developing transmedia, is the thin line between being just about enough fictional, but not too fictional. I don’t work – or, should I say, I do not at the moment work – with drama-based transmedia projects; instead, the…Read more The mixing of Real and Not Real in Transmedia


Musings on transmedia development

(Felt the need to write down some stuff re: transmedia development that have been bouncing around in my head for some time. It's basically just some reflections from the ground floor of the transmedia development factory...)We started out as developers of interactive television-formats some five-six years ago. These were based on television as the core…Read more Musings on transmedia development