F/S 2017 – where storytellers meet

It’s a challenging proposition, summing up an experience as complex as ForwardSlashStory 2017, or F/S2017 for short. From experience I know that many of the revelations from the event will become apparent only later, in some cases much later. It’s like when you feel you need to sleep on something to get it right, only…Read more F/S 2017 – where storytellers meet

Cross-platform Pitch Up! ahead

TL;DR - Pitch event in London 5.12. Early stage cross platform ideas submitted by 15.11. Events that actually look for great multiplatform / transmedia content aren’t THAT prevalent at the moment. There is the Pixel Market, Tribeca have been on the lookout for some, there’s Sundance to some extent, the Content 360 competition at MIPTV……Read more Cross-platform Pitch Up! ahead