Below are a few of the projects I’ve been working on during the past few years


A research project into the use of storytelling to increase saliency and thereby audience response rates regarding surveys. I’m hoping to address a global issue, namely that response rates are growing lower and lower continuously. First iteration will take place in the spring of 2016, results expected shortly after.



My own pet project, consisting of five illustrated shorts and five novels – to start with :). Currently finishing the first short and the first novel, and talking to possible partners. Illustrations by the extremely talented Marouane Bembli.


Some of the main characters of the first novel of The Awakening Saga.



We’ve been doing a lot of storytelling, scripting, shooting and producing for various major companies, cities, universities etc over the past year or so. I’ll post the results here when they are published.


In 2013 we created a campaign called ”The Energy Ambassador – On The Trail Of Innovations”, sending the winning candidate, the Energy Ambassador, on a round-the-world trip over ten weeks. His mission – to report back on how solutions from Finnish energy industry companies affect peoples’ lives, the economy and the environment in different territories. The impact was terrific. Below is the Energy Ambassador intro video plus a video from India some weeks later.





A show centered around music. An exploration into two different areas – is it possible to create a community from scratch? And is it possible to, using transmedia storytelling methods, create a sustainable funding platform for a high-end production? The answer to both questions was yes.



Edutainment, from back in the days. A language training game show for kids in space. Was iEmmy-nominated some years ago.


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