Evolution is around the corner – but when will we turn it?

I’ve spent the last few days on the sunny Riviera, immersing myself in MIPFormats, MIPDigital and MIPTV, the biggest market places around when it comes to TV content and, nowadays, increasingly online and mobile and social content as well. I was even invited to take part in a panel, which was interesting – I’ve never…Read more Evolution is around the corner – but when will we turn it?

MIPTV 2011 Wrap Up

So, Friday and writing this while flying back from six days of MIPFormats, MIPTV and Connected Creativity. I see no real point in going throught the proceedings in too great a detail in this post, as you can find all live blogs, links to videos and pretty great insighty stuff at the MIP Blog pages…Read more MIPTV 2011 Wrap Up

Content 360 – a transmedia opportunity

I’ve been attending the MIPs (MIPTV in the spring, MIPCOM in the autumn) for six years running now; marketing our formats, building networks and relationships and keeping up with the trends in – predominantly – the television industry.The MIPs have always tried to keep up with the times – granted, mostly with more than just…Read more Content 360 – a transmedia opportunity