Gamestop – the saga continues

Here we are in mid-March, and one of the most intriguing narratives of the past few years is still unfolding. Yeah, the Gamestop saga shows no signs of abating anytime soon - far from it. If any of the due diligence posted over the past month is anything to go by, this whole thing could…Read more Gamestop – the saga continues

Entertainment, Value, Participation and Validation

There’s a great article up on Reforge that looks at the demise of Quibi, the “Quick Bites, Big Stories” platform that launched with an eye-watering backing of 1,75 billion US$ in April this year. While it hasn’t shut up shop yet, viewer numbers aren’t what they should be and the app itself is nowhere to…Read more Entertainment, Value, Participation and Validation

Keeping up with the times – with the help of transmedia

In a post yesterday I revisited some of my old writings on transmedia, prompted by the realisation that the use of transmedia storytelling methods is still viewed as something quite new and groundbreaking by a fair number of people working in more traditional media settings. This feels a bit astonishing, as I remember some discussions…Read more Keeping up with the times – with the help of transmedia

The second steps in transmedia

It’s been a couple of years since I last updated one of my more popular posts on this blog - the “First steps in transmedia” post that originated in 2014 and has been updated a few times since. Back in the day, transmedia had matured from the original phenomenon. To some extent, I then felt…Read more The second steps in transmedia

Checklist for creators – are we really doing what we should be doing?

In my podcast series “Evolving Media” (yeah, my imagination didn’t reach further than just taking the name from this blog and using it for the podcast series as well… but hey, why change a winning concept?) I’m privileged to be able to chat with some of the brighter minds in the media sphere to talk…Read more Checklist for creators – are we really doing what we should be doing?

Playing to the masses

Building a narrative, a project, a campaign is much like being a skilled DJ, fully in tune with the people on the dancefloor, with a deep knowledge of the music at hand and a mind trained to intuitively read the vibe of a large crowd of people. Back in the days - and we’re now…Read more Playing to the masses

The Creative Squeeze

Creativeness might be a less important search term on LinkedIn nowadays. It has, as so many terms before it, been used up to such an extent that it hardly means anything anymore to your average person. This is a bit of a shame, as creativeness is becoming an increasingly important trait in just about every…Read more The Creative Squeeze

F/S 2017 – where storytellers meet

It’s a challenging proposition, summing up an experience as complex as ForwardSlashStory 2017, or F/S2017 for short. From experience I know that many of the revelations from the event will become apparent only later, in some cases much later. It’s like when you feel you need to sleep on something to get it right, only…Read more F/S 2017 – where storytellers meet