One Year in the world of Transmedia and Multiplatform Storytelling

Following up on my curation of my blog from last year - "One Year In Transmedia" - I today published "One Year In Now Media". It's a curation of this blog, with a number of articles divided into subsections according to topic. It's available for free on Slideshare on a Creative Commons license. I'm very…Read more One Year in the world of Transmedia and Multiplatform Storytelling


MIPFormats Round Up Day Two

So, second – and final – day of the MIPFormats are done and dusted, and it’s time to evaluate what became of it. Generally speaking, I’m very much in favor of there being a weekend dedicated to formats (which I would, being a format developer by trade). There was reportedly 600 people signed up for…Read more MIPFormats Round Up Day Two

MIPFormats Round Up Day One

So, MIPFormats occupies the two days pre-MIPTV, showcasing a lot of up-and-coming formats, discussing format rights and format disputes and during this first day taking a look at the future of the format business in general.Format FuturesThe day started off with a look at the Format Futures 2011, where David Jenkinson from C21 begun with…Read more MIPFormats Round Up Day One


The Long Haul

I tweeted this question earlier today, but 140 characters is pretty short when struggling with difficult terms and even more difficult nuances. What I would love to discuss with other people in the same field is the question of formats and transmedia, especially when thinking about marketing and localization etc.The termsTo be clear with the…Read more The Long Haul


Updates? What updates?

Been a month or more since I've updated anything here. I'll try to get on to it, but Twitter / Facebook are my social media of choice at the moment. I've just finished a report on the development and marketing of television and cross media formats, which will be published shortly. I'll link to it…Read more Updates? What updates?