A guest post and a couple of questions

I wrote a guest post for ReedMIDEMs MIP blog; it’s geared towards the typical MIP-goer; i.e. a TV executive with a fair amount of years in the biz, just hearing about the term “transmedia” for the first time and wondering whether this will be a hype that’ll fade away in a couple of years time, or something that they should take note of and start acting on.

I’m for the latter, so that’s the angle I’ll try to take in my guest posts. Not in a “do-this-or-be-DAMNEDFORALLETERNITY!!!”-way, but rather just to tell people what I know and show good examples that other’s have done. Transmedia – or whatever you want to call it (I came up with the term “Sansmedia” the other day, since I’m fervently waiting for the day when we get rid of all “platforms” and concentrate on the stories being told) – is in my opinion the way forward, and I hope many others will recognize this as well.

I do, of course, as everyone involved in the transmedia business probably does, welcome a discussion on the subject. I started thinking about the multitude of people who are not aware of transmedia, who do not care about transmedia and probably never will. So, is transmedia a fad that’ll fade? Will it merge with something else? Is it a phase we will go through on the way to finding an even better way of telling stories and engaging people? What do you think?

(I’ll put my 2c in, in just a bit 🙂

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