Be the calm in the noise

When I’ve done talks and workshops for different groups of students in different countries lately, there’s one thing in particular that has struck me. I’ve shown quite a few innovative and successful examples of projects that are in the transmedia vein and are focusing on audience engagement. However, these case studies are always followed by…Read more Be the calm in the noise

The Art of Getting It

This is a brief post I wrote for the Media Writers Association, a new start-up I'm involved in which is focusing on connecting events with writers for increased awareness and traction. If I had a euro for everytime I’ve heard someone lambast a buyer, a producer, a commissioner or a head of programming for ”not…Read more The Art of Getting It

Audience participation – the changing role of the Author

I’m really pleased to have had the opportunity this week to attend the Torino Film Lab and their Writer’s Room workshop here in Vaasa, Finland. The workshop – focusing on two transmedia projects – bring together the two creators, three experts and three people representing the TFL itself, for some quite intensive workshopping around the two…Read more Audience participation – the changing role of the Author

Branded content – one way forward

One of the areas I find extremely interesting when it comes to multiplatform and transmedia storytelling is that of branded entertainment (or not even necessarily ”entertainment”, but rather just ”content”). At MIPTV last week Ogilvy hosted a session where they presented the case study of ”Love in the end”, a movie branded to Greek chocolate…Read more Branded content – one way forward

Word of mouth – an essential ingredient

An essential issue for transmedia projects is word-of-mouth. It is of course essential for any other project as well, but especially for transmedia projects as their eventual success is often quite dependent on audience engagement and interaction. With regards to this, there are few things as effective as word-of-mouth marketing to foster audience engagement. To…Read more Word of mouth – an essential ingredient

Organizations and transmedia – it all makes sense

I just read a great post by James Carter over on ArtsFWD, where he very correctly identified the benefits for arts organizations when it comes to using transmedia storytelling methods to find new ways to market their projects, interact with audiences and ”never be dark” (i.e. constantly provide relevant output in different forms). I’ve been…Read more Organizations and transmedia – it all makes sense