Reach, visibility and engagement – the questionnaire

Over the past months you've had the opportunity to read thoughts and advice regarding how to analyse the projects you're working on with an eye on gaining visibility, reaching audiences and engaging with them in a fruitful way. Earlier this week, I presented a first version of the questionnaire I've been building at the Documentary…Read more Reach, visibility and engagement – the questionnaire

Microprosumers – the Rise of the Meme Makers

There are few things that are as exciting for an aspiring creator as creating a piece of content that goes viral. I’ve had acquaintances who’ve sat glued to their screens for days following the spread and traction of something they’ve put out there (not that they - or I for that matter - would be…Read more Microprosumers – the Rise of the Meme Makers

Entertainment, Value, Participation and Validation

There’s a great article up on Reforge that looks at the demise of Quibi, the “Quick Bites, Big Stories” platform that launched with an eye-watering backing of 1,75 billion US$ in April this year. While it hasn’t shut up shop yet, viewer numbers aren’t what they should be and the app itself is nowhere to…Read more Entertainment, Value, Participation and Validation

The second steps in transmedia

It’s been a couple of years since I last updated one of my more popular posts on this blog - the “First steps in transmedia” post that originated in 2014 and has been updated a few times since. Back in the day, transmedia had matured from the original phenomenon. To some extent, I then felt…Read more The second steps in transmedia

The Collective Journey – COVID-19 edition

Earlier this week I released a new episode of the Evolving Media podcast. It's been a while, but the topics we discussed felt absolutely crucial to start talking about now. The blurb for the podcast episode is below, and you can find the episode itself here. Join in the conversation, let's strive to make this…Read more The Collective Journey – COVID-19 edition

Swimming in a sea of giants

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash Reading the NY Times article on Disney’s enormous push to get people to sign up for their new streaming service Disney+, it all seems a bit overwhelming. The blanket advertisement over TV channels, social media, buses, theme parks, stores, festivals… Most people should be aware by now that Disney are moving…Read more Swimming in a sea of giants

Reaching out, engaging audiences – but to which extent?

The Holy Grail of creating content is to reach an audience and have them engage with the story you're telling them. For the most part it will be an engagement you'll never experience yourself, that will only manifest in sales, views, downloads or some other metric. To a certain extent you can observe the engagement…Read more Reaching out, engaging audiences – but to which extent?

The many-faced nature of today’s media

Having reached the point of a full dozen of episodes of my podcast, the Evolving Media podcast, I’m becoming more and more convinced that the storytellers of the future need a very special skillset. Since I launched the podcast back in late November last year, I’ve talked to some brilliant and highly-skilled and creative people…Read more The many-faced nature of today’s media