The art of putting ones money where ones mouth is

Content is King, was what I heard ages and ages ago as I took some of my first fledgling steps into the transmedia storytelling world of that time, and it rang very true then. Context is King, was the next rallying cry heard from the people in the media industry with their gaze firmly trained…Read more The art of putting ones money where ones mouth is

The art of finding an audience

Almost to the day a year ago I wrote a post on audience engagement, talking about five points I believe are essential when it comes to reaching the point of meaningful interaction with an engaged audience, and the harnessing of that power in the long run. I still stand by my points from that post,…Read more The art of finding an audience

Transmedia and the corporate world

One of the things I’ve been doing more of lately than ever before is talk to companies and corporations about their communication strategies and how they approach their own stories. It should probably come as no surprise, since the companies I’m talking to are very much not in the media sphere, that the knowledge about…Read more Transmedia and the corporate world