Transmedia – different fields, different uses

When I pitch projects to possible buyers, possible customers or possible collaborators, I frequently refrain from using the term ”transmedia”. I’ve found that it often interferes with discussions, moving it into a debate around definitions or general practices, rather than letting the talking focus on the project at hand. That, or it is (still) met…Read more Transmedia – different fields, different uses

The Art of Getting It

This is a brief post I wrote for the Media Writers Association, a new start-up I'm involved in which is focusing on connecting events with writers for increased awareness and traction. If I had a euro for everytime I’ve heard someone lambast a buyer, a producer, a commissioner or a head of programming for ”not…Read more The Art of Getting It

Entertainment Master Class – television on the move

I was graciously invited to come and talk to the Oslo-edition of the Entertainment Master Class 2013. It’s a course that seems to have a lot to offer professionals within the TV industry; if nothing else, it’s interesting to see that several of the participants are coming back for a second or even third stint…Read more Entertainment Master Class – television on the move

Cross-platform Pitch Up! ahead

TL;DR - Pitch event in London 5.12. Early stage cross platform ideas submitted by 15.11. Events that actually look for great multiplatform / transmedia content aren’t THAT prevalent at the moment. There is the Pixel Market, Tribeca have been on the lookout for some, there’s Sundance to some extent, the Content 360 competition at MIPTV……Read more Cross-platform Pitch Up! ahead

Transmedia for Companies

This post I’ll keep short and to the point.It’s my thoughts about how companies can benefit from utilizing transmediastorytelling; not only when it comes to marketing a product or a service, butalso when it comes to the company itself.There are many companies that think abouttransmedia and use transmedia storytelling to break through into theconsciousness of…Read more Transmedia for Companies