Overcoming Transmedia’s Challenges

Some weeks ago I read a nice write-up on the subject of transmedia storytelling over at Nicely Said. It had a fairly thorough dissection of the whats and whatnots of transmedia, of the history and of different examples (such as the usual suspects “Why So Serious”, The Walking Dead etc). The post looked at the…Read more Overcoming Transmedia’s Challenges

The art of putting ones money where ones mouth is

Content is King, was what I heard ages and ages ago as I took some of my first fledgling steps into the transmedia storytelling world of that time, and it rang very true then. Context is King, was the next rallying cry heard from the people in the media industry with their gaze firmly trained…Read more The art of putting ones money where ones mouth is

Your story vehicle

Earlier this week I published a couple of posts, one about corporate storytelling and the other about the need for anyone in any field related to an audience to start honing and defining their own narrative and their own story world. This notion of storytelling as a vehicle and a method of gaining and keeping…Read more Your story vehicle