Crafting the story of you

In a blog post yesterday I talked about the topic of corporate storytelling and how I see it as a natural way of engaging with the audience and the customer base for any company or organisation. Now, some discussions I’ve been having over the past couple of days have touched upon what I view as…Read more Crafting the story of you


The Age of Stories

I’d like to take a moment to follow up on my last post. In ”The Age of the Storyteller” we talked about the current trends of no longer focusing on ownership – no matter what kind of ownership we’re talking about – and instead being more interested in access to the things previous generations were…Read more The Age of Stories

Storyteller and bridge builder

When I examine the craft of the creator - or the storyteller, the producer or whatever other term you want to use – bridge building comes to mind. What we are, essentially, trying to do is build a bridge. It’s a bridge that is constructed between the stories and the content we’ve come up with…Read more Storyteller and bridge builder


Branded content – one way forward

One of the areas I find extremely interesting when it comes to multiplatform and transmedia storytelling is that of branded entertainment (or not even necessarily ”entertainment”, but rather just ”content”). At MIPTV last week Ogilvy hosted a session where they presented the case study of ”Love in the end”, a movie branded to Greek chocolate…Read more Branded content – one way forward


Social media success – all we have to do is BARF!

There are as many recipes for success in the sphere of social media as there are bloggers and tweeple out there. I personally think the only thing we need to do to be successful with social media is to BARF!B. - Be creative and original, be knowledgeable and interestingA. - Accept other's views and opinions,…Read more Social media success – all we have to do is BARF!