The Gamestop Saga – a Collective Journey in the making

No doubt most of you have heard of Gamestop, or GME for short. How a few retail investors over at /r/wallstreetbets read the due diligence posted by user DeepFuckingValue and looked at how an entrepreneur with stellar track record bought into Gamestop and laid out plans for a bright future for the company. How hedge…Read more The Gamestop Saga – a Collective Journey in the making

The second steps in transmedia

It’s been a couple of years since I last updated one of my more popular posts on this blog - the “First steps in transmedia” post that originated in 2014 and has been updated a few times since. Back in the day, transmedia had matured from the original phenomenon. To some extent, I then felt…Read more The second steps in transmedia

The Collective Journey – COVID-19 edition

Earlier this week I released a new episode of the Evolving Media podcast. It's been a while, but the topics we discussed felt absolutely crucial to start talking about now. The blurb for the podcast episode is below, and you can find the episode itself here. Join in the conversation, let's strive to make this…Read more The Collective Journey – COVID-19 edition

The Collective Journey and the Narrative Reversal

The third episode of The Evolving Media Podcast just dropped. It's a highly interesting and instructive talk with Jeff Gomez of Starlight Runner Entertainment, who've been championing the notion of a Collective Journey taking over from the classic Hero's Journey when it comes to experiencing and engaging with stories. In this talk, we go into…Read more The Collective Journey and the Narrative Reversal