The Collective Journey – COVID-19 edition

Earlier this week I released a new episode of the Evolving Media podcast. It's been a while, but the topics we discussed felt absolutely crucial to start talking about now. The blurb for the podcast episode is below, and you can find the episode itself here. Join in the conversation, let's strive to make this…Read more The Collective Journey – COVID-19 edition

The art of listening

I started producing the Evolving Media podcast back in November last year, as I felt an urge to find a way to convey thoughts, ideas, principles, best practices and examples in an easily accessible way. Having spent quite a few years producing radio back in the 90s and early 00s a podcast felt like a…Read more The art of listening

E-sports, gaming, streaming – an in-depth talk with Angela Natividad

For the fifth episode of The Evolving Media Podcast I got in touch with Angela Natividad from, the world's first creative agency devoted 100% to e-sports. Angela is an enigma and one of the more creative and innovative persons I have the pleasure of knowing, and her knowledge of the world of online gaming…Read more E-sports, gaming, streaming – an in-depth talk with Angela Natividad