Revolutionising transmedia through AI

The world of storytelling is a constantly evolving landscape, as the name of this blogs eludes to. Creators seemingly won't stop seeking out innovative ways to captivate audiences and convey their tales. Nor should they! If readers remember, more than a decade ago, transmedia storytelling emerged on the scene as a groundbreaking approach that brought…Read more Revolutionising transmedia through AI

Creative use of artificial intelligence

Introduction Ever since the first computer was programmed with artificial intelligence, it's been thought of as a tool that eventually would be able to do just about everything; from solving math problems to helping doctors diagnose diseases. When talking AI your own imagination is the only limit. In fact, many people, especially of late, have…Read more Creative use of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence and the world of media

So, here we are. We all thought – hoped – we’d be going back to something resembling normalcy as the Covid pandemic slowly abated. But that didn’t materialise, thanks to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the sudden realisation of the whole world that the non-sustainability of business-as-usual is now going to bite us in the…Read more Artificial intelligence and the world of media