Generational Transmedia

There seems to have been a kind of a transmedia-shaped hole in many peoples’ lives, for some reason. I’ve had some quite interesting chats around some of the thoughts floated in the past few blog posts, and I’ve been pointed in the direction of a few research papers and articles that I feel are looking…Read more Generational Transmedia

E-sports, gaming, streaming – an in-depth talk with Angela Natividad

For the fifth episode of The Evolving Media Podcast I got in touch with Angela Natividad from, the world's first creative agency devoted 100% to e-sports. Angela is an enigma and one of the more creative and innovative persons I have the pleasure of knowing, and her knowledge of the world of online gaming…Read more E-sports, gaming, streaming – an in-depth talk with Angela Natividad

A Future for Transmedia

In an article over at GamaSutra the other day the author, Leigh Alexander, asked the very legitimate question ”where’s this glorious transmedia future?”, referring to his view that the gaming industry is leading the social media revolution, and televison and film are slow to catch up.The 2012 Super Bowl had 17,5 million socialmedia imprints on one day. That's…Read more A Future for Transmedia