Your story vehicle

Earlier this week I published a couple of posts, one about corporate storytelling and the other about the need for anyone in any field related to an audience to start honing and defining their own narrative and their own story world. This notion of storytelling as a vehicle and a method of gaining and keeping…Read more Your story vehicle


Internal structure that makes external sense

In an earlier post I talked about the Ask as a fundamental part of any project, and of the need to be aware of what Asks we make of collaborators, partners, possible funders and not least ourselves. This post will look at another need, one that predates those Asks and give them the sound foundation…Read more Internal structure that makes external sense

It’s WE, not ME

As some of you might know I started up my own company last year together with a former colleague of mine. I was expecting hard work - which it has been - and some challenging moments, which also have appeared from time to time. What I was hoping for, but didn’t fully dare count on,…Read more It’s WE, not ME


The Art of the Ask

One challenge that has been with me throughout most of my active life as a content developer and producer has been the careful approach to the Ask. Whatever we’ve been involved in, it has always come up against the need to ask something of someone at some point. How to make this Ask, how to…Read more The Art of the Ask