The Value Brought by Stories

If you’ve read some of my other blog posts here on ”Evolving Media” you have probably noticed that I put quite a lot of faith in the power of good storytelling. Read my posts, and you’ll see that I’m quite convinced that a well crafted story, standing on the foundation of a thoroughly thought-out and…Read more The Value Brought by Stories

The Corporate Angle – Storytelling for Business

I will confess. I like money. More specifically, I like sound return on investment. Not so much for the money itself, but for what it signifies. In a world of commercial interests and globalized business, a world where metrics matter to a lot of people, ROI is one of the most indisputable metrics around. As…Read more The Corporate Angle – Storytelling for Business

Visualizations and layers – storytelling evolving

While researching methods from around the world, in order to see how I can incorporate the best practices into my daily work, I’ve stumbled upon a great number of interesting solutions, methods and principles. One of these, that I felt resonated very clearly with the post I wrote last week about ”Layered Storytelling”, is an…Read more Visualizations and layers – storytelling evolving

Rebooting our creative minds – are we worthy of an audience?

  Over the past few weeks I’ve been writing about some principles I feel are crucial for anyone creating stories and content today, while hoping to reach and engage people with said stories and content. There are many ways for us to look at what we’re doing. There are many tips and tricks to keep…Read more Rebooting our creative minds – are we worthy of an audience?

Solid economics in a fluid content world

Following up on my last post, the post on using layered storytelling as a way of coping with reaching and engaging people in today’s world, I promised some brief thoughts on one of the things we’re all concerned about – money. How do we get a credible revenue stream from our stories? When we have…Read more Solid economics in a fluid content world

Layered storytelling – the art of the future

I think we can all agree that the world is a pretty complex place. It would be easier for most of us if it was simply cleary black and white, right and wrong, for and against, like a LOTR movie with all nuances wiped away. That is, however, never the case. Whatever stories we want…Read more Layered storytelling – the art of the future

Earning the trust of your audience

The other day I read an interesting report from 2015 from Gartner. The topic was ”Apply Digital Humanism to Customer Experience Design” (requires registration). As most things that Gartner put out, it’s geared towards the people at places like General Electric or Adidas or H&M or; large companies that handle customer interaction on a…Read more Earning the trust of your audience

Be there for your audience

From time to time I’m called in to the Finnish Broadcasting Company to sit in as an ”expert” on their social media panel – basically discussing the latest going ons in the world of social media, what new solutions or services are out there, what the most talked about topics are, and why we should…Read more Be there for your audience