Now, the page this links leads to is in Swedish, but it’s just too weird not to comment on. It leads to a Christianity test at a Swedish congregations webpage, which I took – it only took some minutes, but all the questions were quite leading and the answers more so. I was hoping that it would’ve been an ironically geared webpage – sort of “yeah, you THOUGHT that we were this fundamental and narrow-sighted, but ha! alas not!” – but it turned out that all the questions and all the answers were quite seriously meant.

So, having completed the test I am, according to the test, a Satanist. Something which I strongly deny, of course. I believe the good people of said congregation should take a long, hard look in the mirror, remember the one important message that Jesus spoke – “LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR” – and some minor ones as well, most particularly the one about the one without sin being the one to throw the first stone.

Fundamentalists – one of the most annoying things on earth.

* * *

Update – having become a lil’ but suspect about some of the other content on the site, I started searching for more info on said congregation… and, luckily enough, it all turned out to be an elaborate, pretty old hoax. Phew. Scary thing is that even though the congergation and its webpage is a hoax, quite a few people have reportedly wanted to join the congregation… well, fundamentalists still suck 🙂

One thought on “Goddamn…

  1. The site is scary and crazy, i know, but still, my abdominal muscles did get a fair share of exercise. I don’t think I’ve ever seen questionnaire questions that biased.

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