Creating a future through stories

The future is here. You might not recognize it yet, not know it yet, but it travels with you whereever you go. You hold the future in you, and it is yours to mould and shape into whatever you want it to be. We’re living in uncertain times. Refugees and migrants, economic hardships and war,…Read more Creating a future through stories


Media and Us – An Interview With Jeff Gomez

This is an excerpt of Starlightrunner's CEO Jeff Gomez' contribution to "One Year in Now Media vol V". Where do you feel the media world is at the moment, and how has it evolved in 2015? I’m fascinated with how young people are using media as an extension of identity. Because we can touch and…Read more Media and Us – An Interview With Jeff Gomez

Blowing up silos – the evolution of media is just beginning

I’ve been fortunate enough to be in a position where I get called in every now and then to help different productions, creators, companies, producers and other stakeholders in their development work. The stuff I work on ranges from corporate storytelling via academia to pure entertainment content, on all possible platforms (though rarely all at…Read more Blowing up silos – the evolution of media is just beginning

A Future for Transmedia

In an article over at GamaSutra the other day the author, Leigh Alexander, asked the very legitimate question ”where’s this glorious transmedia future?”, referring to his view that the gaming industry is leading the social media revolution, and televison and film are slow to catch up.The 2012 Super Bowl had 17,5 million socialmedia imprints on one day. That's…Read more A Future for Transmedia