Blowing up silos – the evolution of media is just beginning


I’ve been fortunate enough to be in a position where I get called in every now and then to help different productions, creators, companies, producers and other stakeholders in their development work. The stuff I work on ranges from corporate storytelling via academia to pure entertainment content, on all possible platforms (though rarely all at the same time or in the context of the same project).

What I find deeply satisfying is the change in perception I’m witnessing, all over the board. People are much more willing to accept the need to move fluently over platforms; in fact, even ignoring the platforms altogether, with the exception of the possible physical limitations they put on the creation process.

It is the content, the story, the message that matters. More so, it is how it resonates back from the recipients that matter. Even more so, it is how we as creators, as stakeholders, answer to that message in turn that matters. We live in a fully resonant world, and it’s up to us to make sure that what we and everyone else is hearing is harmonies, not dissonant noise.

I still find it a challenge to break down the silo-ed thinking in many organizations, broadcasters not the least. Nowadays though, the old silos have cracked and are beginning to crumble, but beyond them a number of new ones crown the horizon. Before, it was impossible to make tech talk to content, to make marketing understand research, and you needed a translator or five to make the web people understand and be understood by the producers and the editors.

Nowadays these silos are merging; the content people know a lot more about tech, the tech people know a lot more about the importance of compelling and engaging content, and the marketing people have grasped quite a lot of all of these. The silos nowadays are within the different areas; there are a myriad of possible collaborations, co-production, co-existense and partnerships, among the different series on, say, a TV channel, or among the marketing messages from a big corporation. As of yet, very few people in these organizations see these possibilities, and even fewer want, or can, act on them.

We have the tools. We have the technology. We have the knowledge, but we’re still too stuck in our old ways. I have high hopes though. The evolution of media is not stopping here.

2 thoughts on “Blowing up silos – the evolution of media is just beginning

  1. Whenever I read things like this I have hope. I get inspired. I see possibilities. The DE-institutionalizing of creativity will connect us and expand the boundaries of what we can create. I don’t want any more fences around my imagination. Than you Simon!

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