Grappling with the Collective Journey

An Interview with Jeff Gomez about a Vital New Narrative Model Jeff Gomez, CEO of New York production studio Starlight Runner, apparently loves, and has always loved, a challenge. In the 1970s, while many shy imaginative high school students were fighting imaginary monsters in store-bought Dungeons & Dragons modules, Jeff was running off-script, inventing entire…Read more Grappling with the Collective Journey

Shaping the new art form – virtual reality in 2017

Michel Reilhac has a long and distinguished career in all forms of art and media. I met him the first time at one of the Pixel Labs, while he was leading the film strategy for ARTE France. He was recently appointed CEO of Dutch production house Submarine. Here are his thoughts on what 2016 amounted…Read more Shaping the new art form – virtual reality in 2017

Media and Us – An Interview With Jeff Gomez

This is an excerpt of Starlightrunner's CEO Jeff Gomez' contribution to "One Year in Now Media vol V". Where do you feel the media world is at the moment, and how has it evolved in 2015? I’m fascinated with how young people are using media as an extension of identity. Because we can touch and…Read more Media and Us – An Interview With Jeff Gomez

Exploring international interactive storytelling

An interview with Ingrid Kopp, the director of digital initiatives at Tribeca. (The following interview was for the publication One Year In Now Media Vol IV. Here it is republished in full, complete with the projects mentioned embedded ) You’ve been all over the world in 2014 - what things excited you the most? What…Read more Exploring international interactive storytelling