MIPCOM 2013 – thoughts and reflections

I just landed back from a week of TV, online, second screen, contentcontentcontent and all the other things that a regular MIP week in Cannes consists of. This year one of the main strands of talks and discussions was on ”The Golden Age of Television”, which we apparently are living in right now. And yes,…Read more MIPCOM 2013 – thoughts and reflections

The Endangered Author – a species under threat, for good and for bad.

Keynote, X Media Lab 2013, Lausanne, Switzerland. I’ve spent a significant part of my life in the media industry in radio. Dealing with the audience, what we learnt was that if the content we provided was good enough, and if we managed to give clear enough instructions that at the same time were enticing enough,…Read more The Endangered Author – a species under threat, for good and for bad.

X Media Lab coming up

Right now I’m at home for a bit, but soon I’ll be off again. Hot on the heels of my participation at the Filmteractive Festival in Poland, I’ll be talking at the X Media Lab conference in Switzerland. The line-up is impressive and I would strongly advice anyone who is interested in multiplatform storytelling and…Read more X Media Lab coming up

Filmteractive conference, Poland

I have been graciously invited to come speak at the 2013 edition of the Filmteractive conference, to be held in Lodz, Poland on the 25-26 September. It promises to be a couple of interesting days, as we’ll hear about everything from cutting edge second screen solutions from ExMachina to the art of including brands in…Read more Filmteractive conference, Poland

Transmedia – the Green House Effect

Anyone who has read this blog knows that I'm a sucker for analogies. I find it easier to think better and more creative thoughts if I think outside the box... or if I decide the box actually does not exist to start with. This habit lead to a train of thought, which led to a…Read more Transmedia – the Green House Effect

Audience participation – the changing role of the Author

I’m really pleased to have had the opportunity this week to attend the Torino Film Lab and their Writer’s Room workshop here in Vaasa, Finland. The workshop – focusing on two transmedia projects – bring together the two creators, three experts and three people representing the TFL itself, for some quite intensive workshopping around the two…Read more Audience participation – the changing role of the Author

Nordic Transmedia Meetup and Nordic Game 2013

The most prevalent feeling I have of attending the Nordic Transmedia Meetup and Nordic Game in Malmö, Sweden last week is one of ”so, we’ve finally arrived!”. See, some years ago when I was introduced – and for the first time actually grasped – the concept of transmedia (according to a definition I, like all…Read more Nordic Transmedia Meetup and Nordic Game 2013