Internal structure that makes external sense

In an earlier post I talked about the Ask as a fundamental part of any project, and of the need to be aware of what Asks we make of collaborators, partners, possible funders and not least ourselves. This post will look at another need, one that predates those Asks and give them the sound foundation…Read more Internal structure that makes external sense


Successful tv formats, part 5

Continuing the series...5. Always - ALWAYS - rethink, test and analyzeWhen you have your idea, your niche, your intended target audience, you've done your homework regarding market analysis - basically, you have it all set - then it's time to develop. Believe me, the clearest and most straightforward idea is not that straightforward after two…Read more Successful tv formats, part 5

Secrets of tv formats, no 6

Continuing the short series of advice regarding the development and marketing of tv formats.6. Believe in what you do - in fact, you've got to love itYou have a brilliant idea for a new show. You can see the story line, you can see how the excitement builds, you know where the climax is going…Read more Secrets of tv formats, no 6


Successful tv formats, part 7

Flu struck the family, so no update for some days. Well, better late than never, eh?7. Find a niche, if possibleThere are about 3 gazillions of game shows on air throughout the world as we speak. Some have been around for aeons, some have just started, most are somewhere in between. We have all these…Read more Successful tv formats, part 7


Yeah, it’s that time again..

...time for CHRISTMAS PARTIES, as it happens. Our first is tonight at work, which I do not envisage will cause much of a crisis or even any minor scandals. Our second is next week, and then just about anything can happen.However, if you are of the female gender, reading this, and is wondering how to…Read more Yeah, it’s that time again..