The art of listening


I started producing the Evolving Media podcast back in November last year, as I felt an urge to find a way to convey thoughts, ideas, principles, best practices and examples in an easily accessible way. Having spent quite a few years producing radio back in the 90s and early 00s a podcast felt like a natural step to take.

Producing “The Evolving Media Podcast” has so far been a pure joy. I get to talk to brilliant people about the things they know the most about, I get to ask the questions I want to ask, I get to learn what they know and – best of all – I get to share all of it with people interested in listening and learning.

The latest episode is a talk with Jeff Gomez of Starlightrunner Entertainment. A follow up to our discussion back in late November 2018, this one dives way deeper into the depths of embracing the Narrative Reversal.

“It’s still the most rare thing in the world, to be genuinely heard, to be listened to… and that’s at the core of any fandom.”   – Jeff Gomez

There are so many thing to say about the topic, which rings very true to me. We live in a world where everyone is scared of saying the wrong thing, triggering the wrong crowd, painting a target on one’s own back through what is released, commented or interacted on. People censor themselves unduly just to avoid hassle. And the art of listening is becoming increasingly rare.

At the same time, as Jeff says, when we genuinely listen to our audience, when they feel we actually hear them – that’s when we start forging the kind of bonds that will last for a lifetime. And with those bonds in place, that two-way loyalty up and running – that’s the safe-yet-challenging environment that is the most fruitful for creating amazing stories and experiences. When we know we can release what we’ve created and have honest feedback without hostility, without vilifying or ridiculing – feedback that is aimed at making everything the best it can be… that’s when we know we can truly create what we need to create.

Have a listen, on Podbean, on iTunes, Spotify or where ever you get your podcast fix. Let me know what you think, and share onward if you feel people you know would benefit from a listen!


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