E-sports, gaming, streaming – an in-depth talk with Angela Natividad


For the fifth episode of The Evolving Media Podcast I got in touch with Angela Natividad from Hurrah.gg, the world’s first creative agency devoted 100% to e-sports. Angela is an enigma and one of the more creative and innovative persons I have the pleasure of knowing, and her knowledge of the world of online gaming – be it in esports form, gaming form or streamer form – is formidable. I’ve always found the field hugely interesting (ever since playing Commando on the C64 in the heady days of the 1980s, Rob Hubbard midi-soundtrack blasting full throttle) and see for instance Twitch-streamers as prime examples of how to interact with an audience in 2018.

It was with great pleasure I talked to Angela about these challenges and possibilities – so for anyone interested in dipping their toes in the waters of esports and intense audience interaction, look no further. As always, comments are welcome!

Available on Podbean, on iTunes, and of course on Spotify:


2 thoughts on “E-sports, gaming, streaming – an in-depth talk with Angela Natividad

  1. Her thoughts on streaming and gaming make a lot of sense. From the first words, you understand how deeply she understands the processes in the gaming industry and how much time she spends to analyze the entire modern gaming structure.

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