There’s money to be made online!

This year, the download industry (the LEGAL part of the download industry) with regards to TV shows, movies etc, is worth close to 300 million US dollars. Now, a report from Strategy Analytics, a research firm, predicts that the business will be worth 1,5 billion dollars next year, and continue to grow to 5,9 billion US$ by the year 2010.

This sounds like a lot of money, no? It sure does.

But.. at the same time, we could all do well to remember that these kind of reports a decade ago stated that “interactive television will account commercial activities amounting to billions and billions of dollars”, while others stated that “the growth in the IT-industry is just going to continue and continue”… well, the interactive television industry is not quite there yet, and the IT industry had a severe blip around the millenium.

Point is – don’t believe everything you read 😉

Believe this though – no research firm, no industry guru, no one in the business knows for sure what the television industry will look like in five years time.

Myself? I believe that the changeover to new forms and ways of watching television will go much slower than people think, or hope for. I believe that in five years time there will be a small minority watching television via portable devices, while for the most part the audience will watch television in their living rooms, just like back in the 50s. I also believe that content is the most important factor, and that less energy and resources should be spent on developing and offer to people gadgets and trinkets they don’t want or need, and more should be spent on doing great television shows.

My two cents, as always.

* * *

On another note – Depeche Modes “Suffer Well” is simply great. And the video rocks too. I really like Martin Gore in a brides dress 🙂

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