Gamestop – the saga continues

Here we are in mid-March, and one of the most intriguing narratives of the past few years is still unfolding. Yeah, the Gamestop saga shows no signs of abating anytime soon - far from it. If any of the due diligence posted over the past month is anything to go by, this whole thing could…Read more Gamestop – the saga continues

The Gamestop Saga – a Collective Journey in the making

No doubt most of you have heard of Gamestop, or GME for short. How a few retail investors over at /r/wallstreetbets read the due diligence posted by user DeepFuckingValue and looked at how an entrepreneur with stellar track record bought into Gamestop and laid out plans for a bright future for the company. How hedge…Read more The Gamestop Saga – a Collective Journey in the making

Microprosumers – the Rise of the Meme Makers

There are few things that are as exciting for an aspiring creator as creating a piece of content that goes viral. I’ve had acquaintances who’ve sat glued to their screens for days following the spread and traction of something they’ve put out there (not that they - or I for that matter - would be…Read more Microprosumers – the Rise of the Meme Makers

Entertainment, Value, Participation and Validation

There’s a great article up on Reforge that looks at the demise of Quibi, the “Quick Bites, Big Stories” platform that launched with an eye-watering backing of 1,75 billion US$ in April this year. While it hasn’t shut up shop yet, viewer numbers aren’t what they should be and the app itself is nowhere to…Read more Entertainment, Value, Participation and Validation

The Customer is Always Right

Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them.W. Edwards Deming Yesterday I wrote a short post about traditional media on the one hand and the possibilities brought by implementing something like transmedia storytelling on the other hand. My point was that traditional…Read more The Customer is Always Right

Keeping up with the times – with the help of transmedia

In a post yesterday I revisited some of my old writings on transmedia, prompted by the realisation that the use of transmedia storytelling methods is still viewed as something quite new and groundbreaking by a fair number of people working in more traditional media settings. This feels a bit astonishing, as I remember some discussions…Read more Keeping up with the times – with the help of transmedia