Babelgum, the new Joost (even though there IS no Joost on the market yet :)

Hi ho Silver! Funny thing, that. As soon as someone comes up with something, someone else does as well. Just have a look at Babelgum, a service now in Betatesting (just like Joost), that is set to "blend the lean-back experience of traditional TV with the interactive and social power of the Internet" (just like…Read more Babelgum, the new Joost (even though there IS no Joost on the market yet 🙂

Betatesting Joost

Started beta-testing Joost today. First impressions:- a lot like what I would expect from a well founded IPTV venture- slightly dodgy on the picture quality, most probably something that will improve. Still way better than other competitors out there.- EPG needs some working on, suggestions, reviews, ratings etc should help the viewer more- good feel…Read more Betatesting Joost

Mobile market and IPTV

Analysts are always pretty keen on analyzing things, I've noticed. For the most part many of the reports published can be ignored, or at least put in the read-at-some-point-if-there-is-absolutely-NOTHING-else-to-do heap.A couple of reports this week seem quite interesting, though. First of all, Informa have released a report regarding the mobile market and the high probability…Read more Mobile market and IPTV