What to do this year…

Well, in a strictly professional way of looking at things, there are quite a few interesting conferences and meetings one could attend. If funds would be available, and time as well, that is… 🙂

A cornerstone in the television industry year is NATPE, the National Association of Television Program Executives, and the biggest industry meeting in the US of the year. This year held at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas on the 15th-18th of January, they will – apart from the usual buying and selling – devote the whole of the first day to mobile television. Could be fairly interesting, with subjects ranging from “lessons learned from the IPTV roll-out” to “Alternative Reality: Does Primetime Still Matter?”

Keeping up the steam nicely is the Mobile TV World Congress, to be held in France on the 23-26.1.2007, concentrating on one of the most hyped things around at the moment – mobile television.

The IPTV World Forum, to be held in London on the 5-7.3.2007 is also mighty interesting. The three days are themed differently – day one is “Making a business of IPTV”, day two is “Competitive Services” and day three “Threats and Opportunities”. Could be well worth to check it out, seeing that many of the leading figures and companies in the industry will attend.

And then, of course, we have the one to dwarf them all – MIPTV featuring MILIA, this year to be held fairly late in April, on the 16-20.4.2007. With close to 13.000 people attending and business reaching multi-billion dollar levels, this will be quite a good place to be.

That’s what the spring looks like – so pack your bags and let’s go! 😉

* * *

One more thing – the melding and meshing of media has never been this intense. The latest news report that the Sundance TV Channel will open up a screening room for its offerings in Second Life – an online MMORPG. Pretty neat, and also just another step towards the future, where media itself becomes less and less important (no more “am I hearing this on an mp3-player, on my phone, on the net, or where?” or “hmm wonder if my DVD-player supports .wmv-files?”) and the content is what matters.

Bring it on, I say. I, for one, cannot wait.

One thought on “What to do this year…

  1. It truly is a cool thing, an innovative and great way to embrace the film audience. I checked out Sundance’s blog and noticed that the film “Four eyed monsters” opens next Sunday at the screening room Studio 4A. I thought of teleporting myself to their island for the opening. Are you going by the way? We could meet up in the lounge bar at some point and discuss the screening over a glass of Främling 🙂

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