Year 2013 – The Projects

So, as you might’ve noticed, I released a look at the past year and a look ahead to 2014 just before Christmas – ”One Year In Now Media 2013 Edition”. It contains among other things interviews with a lot of brilliant and interesting people, who’ve kindly shared their thoughts on the past twelve months and the upcoming ones.

One thing that struck me as I was putting together the publication is that it was shock full of great examples of storytelling in the ”Now Media” vein – from documentaries to ads, from TV series to native online content. All in all, a pretty great recap of what 2013 was all about, multiplatform and transmedia storytelling-wise.*

To make all of the examples a bit more accessible, here they are, with links and trailers. The best of 2013, according to the participants in ”One Year In Now Media”! For the full context of the comments, please go read the publication on Slideshare.

Christy Dena talked about her own project, “Authentic in All Caps”. She also shared thoughts on her residency aimed at robot rights, and the venture she’s doing with Lance Weiler this year.

Jeff Gomez mentioned their upcoming work on ”Amazing Spider-Man” and analyzed ”Hunger Games” (link goes to a great analysis by Christine Weitbrecht) as well as ”Pacific Rim”.


Examples Jeff mentioned were the ”Bent Bullet” campaign for the new X-Men movie, the ”Deja View” campaign for Chrysler by Campfire, Lance’s ”Body/Mind/Change” project with David Cronenberg and the transmedia campaign for ”Almost Human” (as well as ”Authentic in All Caps”).





Dorothea Martin gave us a German perspective. She talked about ”Zeit der Helden”, the ”Wagnerwahn-App”, the ”Deathbook” series by Andreas Winkelmann, 2012’s ”The Spiral” and the current online documentary ”Fort McMoney”.






Andrea Phillips mentioned “The Walk“, “Lucy Smokeheart“, as well as “Lizzie Bennet Diaries” and “Emma Approved”.


Nuno Bernardo mentioned beActive’s projects ”Collider”, ”Beat Girl” and ”Road to Revolution”, as well as the campaigns around ”Defiance”, the ”Halo” web series and ”Quantum Break”.







In my posts about transmedia projects to keep an eye on, I mentioned some of the projects above, plus ”Murder in Passing”, ”Maze of Games”, ”Aurelia – Edge of Darkness”, ”Hollow: the Documentary” and ”Feuten”.




I also had mentioned to me the quite interesting ”Nightvision experiment”.


Christian Fonnesbech talked about his new project ”Cloud Chamber”.


Nick DeMartino mentioned ”The Social Sector”, ”Welcome to Sanditon”, as well as ”Aurelia” and ”Hollow”. He also talked about the UX of NatGeo’s ”Killing Kennedy”, the release of ”The Cosmonaut” and ”The Institute”.


Alison Norrington talked about Emmy-winners, in ”Breaking Bad”, ”Game of Thrones”, ”Homeland”, ”Lizzie Bennet Diaries”, ”House of Cards” and ”East Los High”, as well as transmedia projects from different corners of the world.







Liz Rosenthal mentioned projects involved in the Pixel Pitch, Lab and Market – ”Get over it!” and ”Viking of 6th Avenue”, as well as ”A Short Story of the Highrise”.


Gary Hayes mentioned ”” as well as the upcoming game ”Watchdogs” and the reality TV series ”Rising Star” and the project ”Nowhere Boys”.





Ian Ginn talked about the Athensplaython as well as the physical game ”Elf Scare”, his own project ”Saligia-7” and examples such as ”Waterlife” and ”Highrise”.





* Full disclosure – I didn’t ask everyone participating specificially about great examples, as every interview was different, so not everyone participating in the publication is featured in this recap. On the other hand, this recap focuses on projects, not people.

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