Asking yourself the right Ask

This post is a follow-up to my post about The Art of the Ask from earlier this year. In this post, I explore deeper into the last of the Asks I talked about - the Self Ask. I’ve always been inclined to say a resounding “YES!” when someone has suggested a project, a collaboration, a new…Read more Asking yourself the right Ask


The Great Narrative pt II

Some weeks ago, having just returned from summer vacation, I wrote a piece on what I termed ”The Great Narrative”. My point was simply that stories matter, and the stories we choose to tell and the way we choose to tell them matter even more. This goes doubly for the world of today, when the…Read more The Great Narrative pt II

The Great Narrative

Over the summer I’ve actively tried to avoid doing what I’ve been doing for the past couple of decades – craft stories, design and produce them and tell them to an intended audience. I’ve found that I tend to absorb myself in my own projects to quite an extent, and in turn have found it…Read more The Great Narrative