Babelgum, the new Joost (even though there IS no Joost on the market yet :)

Hi ho Silver!

Funny thing, that. As soon as someone comes up with something, someone else does as well. Just have a look at Babelgum, a service now in Betatesting (just like Joost), that is set to “blend the lean-back experience of traditional TV with the interactive and social power of the Internet” (just like Joost), offering 2cutting-edge peer-to-peer technology to stream video to your PC safely and efficiently at near-TV resolution” (just like Joost) and lost of other stuff (just like Joost).

As I’m not (yet) betatesting Babelgum, I can’t comment on the service itself, but William Cooper over at informitv is testing both, and has a pretty good review here. By the looks of it, what the consumer would REALLY like is a blend of the two. Which is about as likely to happen as a sudden and everlasting peace in the Middle East, or some such thing.

Well, as a future consumer of TV over broadband, I’ll just say that the more people are working on getting these things to work better and better, with niftier and niftier widgets and GUI:s, the better. Keep’em coming!

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