Time to get going

Have you got an excellent idea for an iPTV concept? Well, then, you could do worse than entering Deutsche Telekoms iPTV competition with 1 million euros in prize money.

iPTV is gearing up, but I believe we should be looking at what can be done with iPTV that will set it apart from other means of television – regular, mobile or what have you.

Best of luck, and see you at the awards ceremony later on 😉

BTW – Deutsche Telekom, if anyone of you are reading this – the starter kit looks really really technologically heavy. Now, I know that it’s important to know what ratios are possible to include, and that JPGs work but PNGs don’t and suchlike. But please – do NOT scare away the creative minds too much! What you want are GOOD IDEAS! You do NOT want things that look good and fit all the technological requirements but are lacking in content!

If you need some consultation regarding this, you know where to find me 🙂

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