Prepare for impact

The year 2021 is slowly drawing to a close and 2022 is just around the corner. A year that most probably will be severely impacted by the relentless COVID virus, but also a year that sees humanity starting to cope with a pandemic that, somehow, keeps popping back up again and again.

In the world of storytelling, the effect of the pandemic has been huge. Not only have creators been forced to find new ways and new venues to reach audiences, many new creators have seen the light of day, on any number of platforms.

Furthermore, the enormous amounts of money being pumped into the system from left and right means that new companies – also those connected to storytelling, media etc – have had greater possibilities than ever to find funding and have had ample opportunities to try to reach their goals.

But challenges still remain aplenty, of course. There’s the fallout economically from the pandemic, there’s production issues, there’s the increase in competition and the fickleness of the audience… so so many things.

Since moving over to do more documentary work, from the TV format business I was in earlier, I’ve found that my views have changed to quite a degree. Increasingly, I’m concerned with what kind of longevity and impact can I hope for and strive for when it comes to projects I’m involved with.

For instance, our series about the psychology behind climate change was a project I had high hopes for – I believed it was knowledge that needed to be understood and shared widely, for all of us to be able to communicate about the crucial changes needed to fight climate change. The series – “The Climate Paradox” – unfortunately premiered on the 29th of February 2020. I think we all remember what happened just around the 1st of March that year.

So, how to work on impact, on outreach, on making sure your project reaches its full potential? In one sense it depends on what project we’re talking about, as they are all different. But there are tools you can use, questions you can ask and answers you can give, that will make it more possible for you to actually form and create your content and the strategies around it for maximum impact.

Based on the productions I’ve been involved in, I’ve started the draft of a template with questions to be answered, questions that will guide the content producer towards hopefully a place where the created content does reach the intended audience and does achieve the desired effect. Some of all of this is down to luck, but every little step in the right direction helps push that luck further and further towards something tangible.

I’ll dive into this questionnaire / template further in my coming posts. For now, if you feel this is something you might have use for, I’d ask you to think of one of your current, past or future projects, and what your ambitions with that project will be. Until the next post!

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