Successful tv formats, part 5

Continuing the series…

5. Always – ALWAYS – rethink, test and analyze

When you have your idea, your niche, your intended target audience, you’ve done your homework regarding market analysis – basically, you have it all set – then it’s time to develop. Believe me, the clearest and most straightforward idea is not that straightforward after two hours of serious development work.

One golden guideline is to keep it as simple as possible. If you are tempted to throw in scantily clad women hopping about in the background, since you really like scantily clad women, take a good long thought on if this really adds something to the format as a whole.

It is very easy to make a complex format – just add a lot of rules along the way to “iron out the wrinkles”. “If you go to level 2, you can then have the opportunity to double up, unless your opponent has the STOP card, because then he can make the turn of play go over to him, unless…”

This takes half an hour to explain, and even then it’s not clear. Lots of work in the edit at the very least, cutting out all the “what could I do now again?” moments.

Always get a second (and a third and a fourth) opinion. Someone might see something that you don’t. And always do office pilots. Test your ideas – how do people play your game? How do they think in a given situation? Does your idea work or do they get hung up on details you never thought could pose a problem?

Always be prepared to rethink, if a better twist comes up.

2 thoughts on “Successful tv formats, part 5

  1. Ville bara säga att jag har lagt in din blogg under bokmärken och besöker den då och då för att se om du skrivit några nya inlägg. Tack för intressanta inlägg. Bra jobbat! Maria

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