Evolving Media – the Podcast

This week saw the birth of a new podcast, aptly named Evolving Media (yeah, the same as this blog. I might have a slight lack of imagination when it comes to naming things).

The podcast solution feels quite natural to me, seeing as I spent my formative years as a radio show host. Audio has always been a very natural part of my production, no matter what has been produced.

The inaugural episode features Sandra Lehner, whom I’ve known for years (we probably met in Cannes at one of the MIPs for the first time) and who has since done some very interesting things. One of them is to get to know a lot of the things we as producers and content creators need to know about Gen Z, the first digital native generation and one that is hard to reach with the tools we’ve been using for the past decades. Have a listen and learn more. Since this is following up on a talk by Sandra that I moderated at the Leipzig Networking Days, special attention is being placed on the field of documentary filmmaking – an area that needs some rethinking, if a new audience is to be connected to.

Feel free to leave comments and get in touch – more episodes will be forthcoming!

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