SXSW Round Up Day Five

My own participation in the SXSW line up this last day of SXSWi was cut short by a forced visit to St Davids Hospital in Austin. As a side not, let me just take this opportunity to accolade the medial service provided; all involved were extremely professional, kind and efficient. Wait to get in was…Read more SXSW Round Up Day Five

SXSWi 2011

These are hectic times, with projects upon projects going (almost) too well, leaving me with scant time to delve into things to the extent that I would want. I and a colleague are, however, leaving for SXSWi tomorrow, which will be mighty interesting.It's great to see that SXSWi features a number of talks on transmedia…Read more SXSWi 2011

Developing existing properties, a Simple Solution and SXSW 2011

Some thoughts on this week in transmedia (so far)...Developing existing propertiesIf there is one company that one should take example from when it comes to transmedia, it is probably Starlight Runner. Jeff Gomez and his team has worked a number of bestseller, like Tron, Pirates of the Caribbean and so on. This week the news…Read more Developing existing properties, a Simple Solution and SXSW 2011