SXSWi 2011

These are hectic times, with projects upon projects going (almost) too well, leaving me with scant time to delve into things to the extent that I would want. I and a colleague are, however, leaving for SXSWi tomorrow, which will be mighty interesting.

It’s great to see that SXSWi features a number of talks on transmedia this year – and a lot of other talks that tie into transmedia, from a storytelling, a technical or a funding angle. To check out my schedule, have a look here (I used Harvest as my tool of choice, just worked best for me) (and yeah, erm… all those parties I have checked, I’m not going to ALL of them. I think.)

If you’re there, hope to bump into you, if you’re not, I’ll write a comprehensive resume afterwards!

One thought on “SXSWi 2011

  1. Looking forward to it. Du hittar fina konferenser du. Yoga o fester i långa rader. Vilket himmelrike. Superintressanta teman dessutom. Du minns väl att fota kändisarna oxå 😉 H. Annika

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