2012? Bring it on!

A year draws to an end and another one beckonsaround the corner, luring us in (as if we had a choice!) with promises ofunexplored territories, tears and laughter, friends and foes and a full 366days of shaping our own lives.

Most of what my 2011 has been about – at leastin a professional sense – is possible to read in the publication ”One Year In Transmedia” that was made availablefor free download yesterday. I won’t go into history further, except to way agenuinely heartfelt Thank You, to everyone I’ve met, talked to, Skyped with,had drinks with, tweeted with, chatted with, blog post commentated with… Thetribe that is the transmedia tribe is a trible overflowing with creativity,kindness, curiosity and quite a huge appetite for learning. I’m very happy tocall myself a member of this tribe.
Looking forward to 2012 I read and watched agreat post on a series of interviews with radio personality Ira Glass. Theadvice is simple, yet profound.

“Youwill be fierce. You will be a warrior…and you will make things that aren’t asgood as you know in your heart you want them to be… and you’ll just make oneafter another…” 

Do listen to the series, it’s great stuff.
This is the advice I will take to heart for2012. I wouldn’t call myself a perfectionist, not compared to the perfectionstsI know, but I have a hard time not working a little bit more… and a little bitmore… and a little bit more… before I even contemplate releasing something.With transmedia projects, this becomes multiplied, as there are more variablesto take into consideration, more strands of a story and a story world to workinto perfection, more technical possibilities to explore and evaluate…
So this is what I’ll try to do in 2012.Release more often. Fail more often, correct more often. Take feedback moreoften, evolve more often.
Here’s to a great 2012. Hope to meet you allthere, at some point.

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