SIRI – what’s next??

Well, I am dying to try this out, although I suspect that living in Finland will sort of lessen the experience compared to if I was situated in New York or anywhere else in the US.

I mean, it looks and sounds and feels like an app that actually does what it promises to do, and work as an interpreter, interface and personal secretary for you. And to think what this could mean for social gaming and social networking in general… Geo-caching using some of the features of Siri? Being able to unlock “secrets” by getting clues and finding out secret phrases that will make Siri do some funky stuff in connection to a certain happening or a venue – say that Green Day’s web site will give you the clues to roam the Internet to find the correct 10 words that make up a sentence that, when spoken into Siri, will give you two ring-side tickets at the next Green Day gig in your hometown? Goddamit but we could have fun with this app!!

Anyone need ideas, you know where to find me 🙂

Siri – The Personal Assistant in your Phone from Tom Gruber on Vimeo.

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