The art of updating infrequently

Well, what can I say. Between working (and working and working) and not working, there doesn’t seem to be any time to update this blog with anything remotely associated with regularity.

What new then? The Space Trainees was pitched at EBU Creative Forum in Berlin last week – along with 20-odd other EBU-projects – and there was some interest in the format. Let us hope it’ll take off shortly.

On the telecom / media / television side of the world, MIPCOM might be pretty interesting this year. A whole day is dedicated to the hype of the moment, Green TV (television programs with an ecological twist) – I actually heard the pitch for a pretty good format in the genre in Berlin, made by SBS from Australia. It’s called Eco House Challenge, and the website can be found here.

Anyone going to Cannes for the MIPCOM and fancy a chat, let me know šŸ™‚

On another completely different note, have you ever wondered what you’re worth? Here is the place to find out. To my dismay, I clocked in at 2.975$… I think I’m more worth than that!

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