Music, handsets and an iPhone killer.. or is it?

If you buy a new phone within the next 12 months (as many many MANY will do, myself included I hope πŸ™‚ you’ll probably find a new icon in the menubar, right next to all the usual Calendar and Gallery icons. It’ll be called Music Station, and it will be pretty nice, but a bit nasty as well.

See, iPhone is coming out on the market shortly. It’s a really nice device, as can be seen on numerous places all over the ‘Net. Now, the drawback is that the iPhone will be tied up to a specific operator. In the US it’ll be AT&T, and so on – and in order to avail themselves of all the possibilities iPhone offers, the users must sign up to that said operator. As far as has been reported so far, the iPhone won’t be downloading tunes off of iTunes either, which makes Music Station all the more intriguing.

Thing with Music Station is that it lets you subscribe to all the music available from most major labels and a lot of indies as well, for 2.99€ a month. Download all you want, listen all you want – as long as you subscribe. And here’s the nasty part – if you stop subscribing, you can’t listen to any songs anymore, not even the ones you’ve downloaded. But the playlists are stored, so as soon as you start paying again, you can listen again.

What to think of this then? Well, with iTunes being priced at $0.99 per song, it’s a helluva lot cheaper. Still, with iTunes you get to keep the song… My gut feeling is that as long as the players behind Music Station can get the telecom industry behind their product (and it’s looking good so far) they have a good chance of upheaving iTunes hold of the market. Must see to it that it’s included in my next phone … πŸ™‚

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