Can anyone say no to Virgin?

Well, the moment they start offering something alike to their Virgin Media, freshly relaunched in the UK, in my surrounding, I’ll be there to snap it up in a second.

Although I myself is into the content-side of the television and interactive business, trying my damndest to come up with new and entertaining (and preferrably attractive and revenue-enhancing) ideas, I cannot but think that my life would be made a little bit easier by, for instance, Virgin Media. Ok, so you pay some, but you do get some as well… Pay £40 a month (that’s the four-service VIP package Virgin Media offers, you can go for 2 services or 3 also, £20 and £30 respectively) and you’ll end up with “a HD-enabled PVR, 10Mbps broadband, unlimited UK landline calls, and a mobile phone with 500 minutes of mobile airtime per month, 1,000 texts a month and £60 airtime.”

One other offering in connection to the above is called Virgin Central, “a hybrid linear/on-demand channel offering up content from Buena Vista International Television and Alliance Atlantis, among other providers.” Set to launch in a couple of weeks time, it just might be something to keep an eye on as well.

Any downsides? Nah, apparently not, as long as them £40 don’t bother you. Customer support should apparently be up to scratch nowadays, and everything should be rosy and sunny. Go Virgin, go!

…and after that spot of unabashed promotion, for which I’ll receive not one cent, a look at some other stuff, more in the television field:

CBS in the US are launching a “mobile store” and two ad-funded WAP (does that still exist?) sites for sports and news. Perhaps not that impressive.
Telefónica in Spain, however, are working on a pilot to deliver iTV, radio and music to mobile handhelds. They’ve elected to use Alcatel-Lucent‘s “Unlimited Mobile TV” solution for the techie stuff.
– and Endemol is still the king when it comes to game shows and such – two more have been commissioned by ITV1 in the UK, called “For the Rest of Your Lives” (from the brains behind “Deal or No Deal”) and “Golden Balls” (nothing to do with Beckham, apparently)

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